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Update… »

Been a while since Iv’e updated the news section here. I mainly blame the instant appeal of sites like Instagram and Facebook for the decline in street/graffiti artists feeling motivated to update their personal websites, which is a shame as both mentioned sites generally compromise the quality of artwork that’s often predominantly viewed in a digital context due to it’s short time on the street.

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Tags: , , , , , ,   Posted on April 2nd, 2014

Tramshed Mural (UPDATED : 20/02/14)

Tramshed Mural (UPDATED : 20/02/14) »

I was recently asked by the Cock’n'Bull gallery to paint a wall upstairs from them in Mark Hix’s ‘Tramshed’ restaurant on Rivington street. I’m in esteemed company as the main dining area exhibits a huge custom installation from Damien Hirst.

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Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Posted on November 18th, 2013

Chotto-Matte / Mighty Murals

Chotto-Matte / Mighty Murals »

I was asked by restaurant curator Kurt Zdesar to paint 2 huge new walls for his new frontier ‘Chotto Matte‘ opening in Soho on Frith street on September 14th. The Japanese restaurant boasts 2 huge floors with each providing us with a 17 meter canvas to project ourselves onto. I couldn’t have asked for a better brief- ‘We want some fucking cool, sexy graffiti, inspired by contemporary Tokyo/Japan’. It’s safe to say I had a lot of fun on this…

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Tags: , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,   Posted on September 10th, 2013

Just look at tits…

Just look at tits… »

Last weekend a new (and lazy) mural was painted over our 3 day rainbow wall on Leonard street by ‘artist’ Ian Stevenson, an artist who appears to have carved a niche for himself through self congratutory statements. I’m not going to waste my time discussing his ‘work’, nor am I interested on turning this post [...]

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Tags: , , , , , ,   Posted on July 21st, 2013

New stuff

New stuff »

Been a while since I’ve updated the news feed here…mainly due to moving flat and having no internet connection for a while. Anyway, with normal transmission resumed, here’s a run down of what I’ve been up to lately in no particular order…

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Tags: , , , , ,   Posted on June 11th, 2013

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